Doing this job that I love I get to go to some remarkable places and for the wedding of Kalinda & Chris.

I started the day off at their newly bought townhouse in Vancouver. It’s a beautiful setting and ideal to start a relaxed mornings preparations for a wedding day. I met Chris and his dad to photograph them getting ready and capture some of the excitement and anticipation. I swing by Kalinda's condo for her getting ready with her parent. I do enjoy starting the wedding day photography this way – it’s a brilliant way of beginning the story and getting everyone used to my non-orchestrating and unposed approach. Quite often I’ll encounter friends of the bride who have just recently married and they never fail to tell me if their photographer bossed everyone around or interfered with the smooth running of the day in any way…. it’s nice to offer a stark contrast in approach.

St. Augustine's Parish Wedding Ceremony

It was then on to meet the Groom at the St. Augustine's Parish located in the Kitsilano neighborhood of Vancouver for the wedding ceremony. It’s hard to describe just how spectacular the St. Augustine's Parish is (you’ll have to look at the pictures) but it’s just stunning. I’ve photographed in a few big churches and cathedrals but this was an unexpected surprise. A century chapel that vast in scale and light and bright to boot!

Scale is something that is sometimes difficult to convey in an image. If you’re concentrating the human story you want to chase that interaction between people but context is also a major part of telling the story. So stepping back and putting the day into the context of it’s surrounds is something I always seek to do.

The ceremony was intimate despite the scale of the chapel and the joy and love for Kalinder and Chris was very apparent from the smiles, laughter and responses of everyone there.

We then moved the wedding to Teahouse in Stanley Park in Vancouver.

Teahouse in Stanley Park – A PERFECT WEDDING VENUE

It is a short drive from St. Augustine's Parish to the Teahouse in Stanley Park for the reception, speeches and dancing.

The Drawing Room features hardwood floors, a fireplace and bay windows give the guest unforgettable breathtaking views of English Bay and the North Shore Mountains. It is one of the finest location in Vancouver.

Kalinda and Chris wanted a relaxed, enjoyable wedding day and I think they achieved it. It came together perfectly which means that I am able to photograph happy, joyous people mingling and enjoying the wedding day. It’s a win win for the couple and for me.

Have a look at their wedding photography – and don’t forget to click on the slideshow below to see every more photographs from the wedding day.