This is me fulfilling my role as a Burnaby Mountain Clubhouse wedding photographer – I only mention that because apparently Google likes me to put what I did where in my opening paragraph….


This week I’ve been looking back at Vani + Erik’s beautiful wedding at Burnaby Mountain Clubhouse in Burnaby, British Columbia.

It was close to Vani & Erik's home which always makes the bride's getting ready more easy. Seeing everyone mucking in during the morning and knowing that the whole week has been a build up of everything being delivered for the wedding, marquees being erected and family arriving.

The pattern for the wedding day is absolutely one of my favorite to photograph. Getting ready at the family home, short drive to the Burnaby Mountain Park for location photos, wandering back to the Burnaby Mountain Clubhouse for the rest of the wedding ceremony and reception. Simple but so personal and resonant.

Click the play button on the film below to follow Vani and Erik's wedding day.